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10 Breakthrough Technologies 2017

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10 Breakthrough Technologies 2017

With advancement in science, new technologies are being developed every day. The ongoing revolution in technology has made our lives more comfortable and safe. With the passing of every year, new technologies are getting developed; some of which are essential for making our daily life safer whereas some technologies are being developed with the hope of solving the energy problems or curing total body paralysis in a person. Whatever the cause maybe, this accelerated growth in technology is surely making the world a better place to live peacefully.

Now, you may ask what breakthrough technologies have been developed this year? Well, it will take eons if we go on to list all of the technologies that have been developed this year but we are listing the top 10 breakthrough technologies of 2017 for you to know. Want to take a look at the list? Scroll down and quench your queries:

  • Paying the bills with facial recognition: China has always been ahead of everyone else to develop bizarre yet most useful and ingenious technologies. Reportedly, the Chinese are now working on a new technology which will allows you to pay through a facial recognition process. So you will not have to use any cards or password, your face will be enough to pay the bills.
  • Paralysis reversal: It has recently been found that scientists are working on artificial implants for the people who cannot move due to body paralysis. Hence, the technology will return everything that the brain or spine injury once took away from the victims.
  • Quantum computers: The technological developments in Google, Intel and a myriad of other research groups have made the design of the quantum computers with super powers that were once considered to be impossible.
  • Reinforcement learning: New research has found out that the computers are figuring out things on their own without any human support.
  • Botnets of things: We are already aware of the IoT or the internet of things and the harm that causes to our system but it has taken an ugly turn as the recent studies show that there is a new form of attack that has been causing problems called the Botnets of things.
  • Self-driving trucks: The trucks without the drivers are soon going to become a usual thing in the near future, as the new technologies are indicating.
  • Hot Solar Cells: With the conversion of heat into focused lights through a solar cell can be the ultimate answer to all the energy problems.
  • The Cell Atlas: The biologists believe that the cell atlas will unveil the mysteries hidden in our bodies and will show us who we are inside.
  • Gene therapy 2.0: Scientists have finally found a way to cure the hereditary diseases by solving the basic problems and researchers hope that this technology will next be used to cure the chronic diseases.
  • 360 degree selfie: The cameras which take spherical images though they are inexpensive and have started a new era in photography.

The technologies new inventions our lives are becoming simpler. The new breakthrough technologies are catching the eye of every individual.

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