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Elon Musk’s new venture could link brains with computers

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Elon Musk’s new venture could link brains with computers

Elon Musk has never failed to surprise the tech community with an array of groundbreaking technology and successful ventures through the years. Just recently he teased both peers and followers with the announcement of his new company, Neuralink.

After open sourcing “Hyperloop” and with plans to send civilians to Mars, Musk plans to hook up computers directly to human brains. Musk avoided official announcement of Neuralink. But after The Wall Street Journal’s report on the billionaire pursuing “neural lace” technology, Musk confirmed further details of Neuralink by next week on his twitter account.

The Wall Street Journal also reported Musk’s plan to self-fund the company which was registered as a “medical research” company in California last July. Along with Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking, Musk has been quite vocal about his fear of Artificial Intelligence. According to Musk, humans have to become obsolete or merge with A.I to maintain relevance.

The Journal’s report also claimed that with the help of tiny implanted electrodes inside the brain, this technology could establish a metaphysical connection between the brain and computers. At the Beneficial AI Conference, Musk said that we all are cyborgs with smartphones and computers already acting as our extension. He further explained the human kind’s “output bandwidth constraints” and computers being able to “communicate at the terabyte level”.

Musk with Neuralink intends to bridge this gap by switching from the extremely slow “meat sticks” that pushes or touches a screen with a “tertiary layer” that would interact in a fashion similar to the motor cortex sending signals to arms or legs. According to Musk this merger of biological and machine intelligence is necessary for human beings to remain economically valuable in an AI dominated future.
Till date chips and implants have been theorised or used in an extremely acute scale for treating Parkinson’s, epilepsy and other such diseases. A two directional brain and computer interface only exists in science fiction due to various political, scientific and privacy related issues.

The general public’s discomfort with implants and rudimentary methods of neurone research are few of the hurdles that Musk and his company need to overcome. But if the “existential risk is too high” due to the rapid evolution and advancement of AI, humanity would achieve artificial evolution or meet its fate as depicted in various science fiction movies.

Real-life terminators or Ultronburying the human race is far from becoming reality. But what Elon Musk is trying to achieve with Neuralink can truly unlock new frontiers for medical science and it can become a pioneer in treating the diseases like Alzheimer, Dementia, Amnesia and lot more. It will be a major contribution towards the society. Elon Musk has always amazed the populace with the exclusive releases and the future is surely going to be promising.

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