iPhone 5: The Stunning Re-imagined Concept Debuts App Navigation Using Two Separate Home Buttons

iphone 5 concept kris groen

Since 2007, iPhone has consistently get gorgeous designs on each iPhone version, but the Home button was not changed yet even the latest iPhone 4S. Meanwhile designer Kris Groen has fully re-imagined the iPhone with new kind of Home button style like completely remove the Home button and functions from the existing place.

And, Groen has released his own concept of new iPhone design along with a video. With adding new separate Home buttons on each side of the phone, placed mid way up. According to Groen’s view “squeezing” both Home buttons together that get back to your Springboard. And the each side buttons also allow for fast app switching while pushes them individually.

Groen also maximized the screen size to 4-inch diagonally with the beautiful Retina display.

Checkout the Kris Groen concept video below:

yes, sometimes Apple fans making the design concepts pretty better than Apple, this is one of them. and what’s on your mind? Share via comments !

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  1. Absolutely i like the Kris Groen design concept :) Hats off Kris ;)

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