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IPhone 8 Biggest Feature Suddenly Makes Sense

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IPhone 8 Biggest Feature Suddenly Makes Sense

The Apple company has set benchmarks in the history of smartphones. It is known for the Quality and the Features it provides in iPhones by always creating a revolution in the world of Mobile Phones industry. This time it’s coming up with iPhone 8 which expected to have many new and Peculiar features, which will surely amaze the outer world. There will be no Bezels in the new creation of Apple but in place of that it will surprise you with totally new feature of unlocking.

As per the rumors, the display will have a Fingerprint Sensor and Selfie shooter, long range Wireless charging system, glass body, Biometric facial scanning, Dual lens camera and Both lenses will have Optical image stabilization removing the HOME BUTTON. Apple will use the OLED technology instead of LCD.

AppleInsider spotted the company to Publish New applications with U.S patent for Locking or unlocking a mobile device. The rationale behind it is that an iPhone unlocks the device by tracking the face of the user as it uses a front camera to identify the right user. If its camera cannot track the user, it can lock automatically. Rumors also say that if the facial identity detect of the user, it can be unlocked by using any PIN or Touch ID.

Apple made a deal with Tel Aviv, Which is specialized in the alliance of facial recognition software, to improve smart login system.

But simply a question can come in the mind that, Is facial recognition technology, actually coming to the iPhone 8? It is quite Impossible to say in certain until it is officially launched.

Customer’s demand for iPhone 8:

  • Edge to edge screen: Full screen display, by eliminating a large amount of space on its top, bottom Bezels.
  • Large battery Apple iPhone battery certainly has long lasting battery so expectations of customers is high for large battery backup.
  • Easy and speedy charging capability.
  • Wireless charging Wireless charging is nothing new in the market. According to rumors, Apple is focused on the long range wireless charging technology in its next generation.
  • Improved camera: iPhone once again, needs to Push the limit of what customers expect from a smartphone camera.
  • More storage options: Storage capacity needs to be enhanced though.
  • Enhanced haptic engine.

Apple holds a supreme position in mobile phone industry. But with personal viewpoint, it can be said that this new initiative may trouble the customer in case one has worn the sunglasses or running and face is not identifiable. However, on the whole, it will amuse the customer with its smart locking system.

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