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New BMW ad promotes the M Performance Automobiles lineup


New BMW ad promotes the M Performance Automobiles lineup

BMW has always been a brand that is instantly recognised for its distinctive style and performance. With the BMW M Performance Automobiles, a new category of performance vehicles was announced in 2012 by the company. Now, the BMW is aiming for a different class of customers. This new breed of sports cars is designed to especially appeal to those who love the comfy and practical BMW models while cherishing a driving experience full of an adrenaline rush.

The M Performance Automobiles that is introduced by the business giant BMW might be considered as the merger between the normal production line BMWs and the limited line of performance powerhouse that is the ///M brand. This new BMW lineup has adopted or inherited most of its performance driving features from the ///M brand. Bigger and better engines that pump out monstrous horsepower and wind hugging aerodynamic features with a finely tuned chassis are some of the things borrowed from the M.

As BMW promotional video claims, that they have combined the best of each model with the vibrant DNA of BMW M. The company has rightfully promoted their ad campaign with their models sporting signature colours, exclusively designed rims and a tonne of such elemental features that is unique to this lineup. The video features three exciting models the M240i, the flawless X40i and the ultra premium M760Li.

This year BMW launched another terrific model to the M Performance Automobiles lineup, the BMW M550i. After its market debut in April, the M550i would be the fastest 5 series among BMW’s production. The model comes with raw beast power under the hood with its 4.4L V8 Twin Turbo engine that throws out an adequate horsepower.
The car comes with a lightweight body and packs enough power to throttle it from 0 to 100 KMPH in just 4 seconds. The engine is coupled to a ZF automatic transmission and comes with loads of features that are different from the regular 5 series, from the kidney mountings to the front aero flaps. The car even manages to grab quite a few eyeballs with its top class exhaust system that features two rectangular enclosures with four square tailpipes.

In addition to that, all these models that feature engines varying from 6 cylinders to V12s have that glorious nerve wracking engine sound that while being a bother to some, are music to the loyal fans and car enthusiasts worldwide. BMW has always been revered by the car lovers across the world for their classy design and unparalleled features. With the latest M-brand, BMW is trying to achieve the utmost performance levels. The cars that will be designed under the M-series will surely satisfy the need for speed of every car lover across the globe. BMW is ready to amaze the awaiting crowds with its exclusive range.

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