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President Trump Signs NASA Authorization Bill

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President Trump Signs NASA Authorization Bill

The universe is enormous and ever increasing. Nobody knows where it starts or where it ends and that is what makes space a mystic universal aspect. Space has been the matter of utmost interest for the scientists and researchers. Over the years, many countries have launched their shuttles in the space to search for the unknown.

Once we pass the boundaries of the earth’s atmosphere, we dive into the endless ocean of nothingness which is fondly touted as space. There is a myriad of mysteries that space has stored in its heart of which know nothing about and that is the sole reason behind the countless space exploration to solve the mysteries of the universe. When we hear space exploration, the first name that comes to the mind is NASA or National Aeronautics and Space Administration. It has been the leader in space explorations across the globe and NASA has been fully dedicated over the years to unfold the mysteries at the farthest corners of the universe.

Recently, the President of United States Donald J. Trump signed the NASA Authorisation Act of 2017 after the bill was passed by the Congress. It is the first NASA authorization bill that the Congress has passed in the last six years. The bill showcases the motive of the US government to ensure that NASA continues to rule the exploration and discovery in the space sector.

By passing the authorization bill, the US government provided NASA with more sovereignty, funding and freedom to continue with their work. President Donald Trump quoted that with this legislative act which the cCngress has passed unanimously will help the scientists, researchers, engineers and astronauts to continue their pursuit of discovering the unknown with a new zeal.

This new bill has opened new frontiers of space exploitation for NASA and it will help them to create history. The bill has authorised the development as well as the execution of the long-range human space exploitation program. It will help NASA to send their astronauts across the space to find more habitable planets, signs of life and to explore the universe in a way that they could have never done before.

The NASA Authorisation Act 2017 also invests in vigorous technologies, aeronautics and science to reimburse NASA with more advancement so that they can carry forward their work more efficiently. The Government has also promised robust healthcare plans for all those heroes who risk their life to go on to the quest for the unknown.

Space is vast and we still do not what is out there in that vast nothingness. But human minds love to explore and answer the unsolved problems; so we can be sure about one thing that NASA will answer several such unsolved mysteries in the upcoming years. We can hope to see promising discoveries in the upcoming that may change our perception of the evolution of Universe and expand our knowledge related to different sectors of the world. Let the unknown be revealed.

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