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Samsung unveils new cinema theater screen with support for HDR and 4K

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Samsung unveils new cinema theater screen with support for HDR and 4K

The launch of Samsung’s new and highly anticipated Galaxy S8 might have overshadowed the other exciting unveilings of the company. With the launch of premium built smartphones and television sets that are having superior and crisp picture quality, Samsung now plans to invade the movie industry.

Recently Samsung announced their brand-new theatre sized Cinema Screen and intends to revolutionize the cinema theatres currently dominated by outdated technology. The pioneering technology features a theatre sized High Dynamic Range or HDR LED display and intends to deliver extraordinary picture quality along with soaring vivacity and precision. The company’s new technology might be described as something that has previously not been witnessed by the human eyes at such a gargantuan scale.

The mammoth South Korean conglomerate which accounts for a huge chunk of the country’s GDP is putting up the display for numerous demonstrations in theatres at The Orleans Hotel and Casino which is situated in Las Vegas from 27th to 30th March.

Compared to traditional theatre screens which range somewhere between 45 and 65 feet, the 34 feet Samsung display pales in the size comparison. With the LED-lit technology, Samsung promises to brighten up the screen content by ten times compared to traditional cinema projectors. Apart from that, the company claims that the screen is free of any optical distortions or interference.

The projector even fails against the low tone grayscale and ultra-contrast settings that can be adjusted on the screen to provide an enriched viewing experience with crisp darker blacks along with the bright display. The screen also overcomes any and all DCI standards and comes with 4K resolution (4096*2160 pixels).

According to Sang Kim, the Vice President of Samsung Electronics America “as the technology today advances at a rapid rate, people have a lot of entertainment devices at their homes where they can watch movies in high quality and utmost comfort. So, the time has come for the theatres to reclaim their position as the ultimate movie watching destination. And our newly developed cinema screens will play a vital role in this”.

Samsung has always delivered high-end products and plans to disrupt the cinema viewing experience with extraordinary picture quality while raising the bar for everyone else. Along with the top-notch optical bewilderment, Samsung will also match up the audio experience. Cinema Group which is owned in partnership by Harman Professional Solutions and Samsung’s Audio Lab would provide the audio solution.
The new HDR and 4K Cinema screen coming from Samsung had already successfully passed the conformity tests. All the tests were held in the famous Keio University of Tokyo. However, the DCI certificate is not yet received.

Though IMAX has revolutionised the cinema viewing experience of the movie goers, but there are still flaws like picture quality which demoralised the audience a little bit. But with this new technology, Samsung might usher in a new tech race with giants like Sony, LG and Hitachi who would try to catch up as soon as this technology starts getting adopted in theatres worldwide. The audiences hope to have an impressive experience after watching their favourite cinemas in such a high-defined screen.

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